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Severed cable causes outages for Verizon customers

A severed fiber-optic cable caused internet, telephone and wireless outages on Monday for a large number of Verizon customers in Mathews County, as well as a few customers in Gloucester and Middlesex.

Harry J. Mitchell, spokesman for Verizon Communications, said a Virginia Department of Transportation bush hog cut the cable near the intersection of Glebe Road and Church Street at around 10:30 a.m.

Customers in the Mathews Court House area, including the sheriff’s office, Social Services and other county offices, reported that their internet connections were cut. The sheriff’s office had to reroute 911 calls to Middlesex County, the clerk’s office couldn’t record transactions or issue receipts, and Social Services couldn’t access the state system.

However, the DMV and county accounting systems were in working order, said treasurer Wendy Stewart, so the treasurer’s office and commissioner of the revenue were able to function relatively normally...

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