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School board member criticized for flag comments

The most contentious portion of Tuesday night’s meeting of the Mathews County School Board had little to do with school matters. Rather, it was over comments one of the board members made in a recent article about the presence of Confederate battle flags on the court green.

Several residents showed up to take issue with school board member Jen Little for her comments in a July 2 Gazette-Journal article about the presence of small Confederate flags that had been placed next to the monument on the court green.

In that article, Little said that she did not think it “fair that anyone should have to walk past the Confederate flag before going to the board of supervisors.” She was one of several residents quoted in that article who questioned why the miniature flags should be displayed on public property.

“While I respect and honor everyone’s First Amendment right to free speech—even if it conflicts with my values or beliefs—I take issue with a sc...

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