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Feb. 2, 1958-Mar. 27, 2011

To say that Rosalie will be missed is an understatement.  If it were cold, or snowing outside…you wouldn’t know it, if she was in the room.  She brought so much color and brightness in our lives.

She fought off ovarian cancer for four years…like a brave soldier. When I think of how courageous she was it makes me weak in the knees. Never once did she let cancer become "who" she was. Her spirit was brighter than the brightest star on a clear night.

Fate…brought her to us for so many reasons. With her came an abundance of "Pure Love."  The kind of love most can only dream of. Rosalie touched my dad’s life like I thought no one could. I’m so grateful to her for that. The second she walked in my door for the first time…she touched my soul.  Love at first sight. Momasita Rosalie was exactly what I hoped for and then some. She was everything we needed, loving, caring, genuine, honest, spiritual, absolutely fabulously funny. In life she made us feel loved and safe. Now that she’s gone to heaven…I still feel her love and safety. To know she’s soaring above, watching over me, makes me feel like I’m in a safer place. Her love, beauty and spirit will forever be engraved in our heart, soul and spirit. She will be loved and missed everyday, minute and second! Her spirit will live on through us!

She’s survived by her husband, "Soulmate" James C. Toro.

We will miss you, Momasita Rosalie, yet love you always.


Jim, Jessie, Kenny, Andie, Raven, Chloe and Bre