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Return of chili cook-off reveals winning recipes

What is chili? Is it just called chili or is it chili con carne? Many sources define chili as a stew-like soup made entirely with meat, chilies or chili powder (or both), and according to what region of the United States that you live in, it can also include beans. "Con carne" means with meat.

The only thing certain about chili is that it did not originate in Mexico. There are many legends and stories about its beginnings and a lot of the history centers on San Antonio, Texas.

One story is that the first chili recipe was written by a nun, Sister Mary of Spain, in the 17th century. Although she never left Spain her spirit somehow was known by the Indians of the southwest United States. It is said they used her recipe when making a stew.

Another legend about the beginning of chili comes from the colonists of the Canary Islands who settled outside the mission in San Antonio, known today as the Alamo. At sundown the ladies would come into the plaza, set up their tables an...

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