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Remembering the genial storekeeper

The death of George L. Sadler of Diggs in 1958 at the age of 85 prompted memories in the Gazette-Journal from “a friend” who told about the storekeeper and the intriguing contents of the business.

After a brief career at sea, Mr. Sadler came home to be with his family, the writer said. “About 1909, he erected a small store at Diggs and dispensed general merchandise and groceries for a number of years. The writer, being a small boy at the time, said his memory is a bit hazy as to the exact date, but his memory is not hazy nor dim in his recollection of Mr. George Sadler. By this full and formal title he was known by all of my generation of boys and girls in that community.

“His store was ever a stopping place on the way home from school. We recall his good-natured banter and teasing, he never seemed to be out of patience, always smiling and pleasant. We would examine the candy ‘showcase’ each day for any new stock. He carried the usual assortment of candies familiar in those days...

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