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Remains of Springhill demolished

The remains of Springhill, an 18th century Mathews home which had been heavily damaged in a 2003 fire, were demolished on Saturday.

Doris Lennon, owner of the property on Put-In Creek just south of Mathews Court House, said “I was sorry it had to come down,” but indicated that too much time had passed to attempt any repair, if it had been possible.
The 2003 fire was attributed to electrical causes, which Lennon said were caused by squirrels getting into the structure and chewing the wires.

Lennon said the property had previously been listed for sale and that three couples had separately shown interest in buying it and attempting repairs, but could not get financing, in the years immediately after the fire. Her husband, Dr. William K. Lennon, had also hoped to start over but she said the project was overwhelming. Dr. Lennon died in 2012.

The original part of the rambling frame and brick structure was constructed in 1774 by Richard Billups for Samuel Williams, according to...

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