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Recount sought in Mathews election

Supervisor G.C. Morrow has petitioned Mathews County Circuit Court for a recount of the vote for the board of supervisors in the Nov. 5 election.

The petition states that the certified votes for Jackie Ingram were 1,463, while the certified votes for Morrow were 1,457. The difference is just six votes out of a total of 2,920 votes cast for the two candidates, says the petition, or a difference of less than half of 1 percent of the total.

According to Mathews County Voter Registrar Carla Faulkner, the court will decide all aspects of the recount, including the date and time, the personnel required, and which machines, if any, will be used. She said that the vendor charges $600 to reprogram each machine that the judge might require, and that election officials are paid $120 each for a regular election, while the chief of each district receives $145. However, she wasn’t sure if those rates would apply for the recount. As of Tuesday, no court date had been set.

Morrow said he did...

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