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Recipes using herb butter


You will need:

Unsalted stick butter

Fresh herbs of choice

Saran Wrap

Mixing bowl


Sharp knife

Nonstick spray

You first want to let your butter get to room temperature by letting it sit out on the counter approximately one hour. Your next step is to put the butter into a bowl and mash it with the spoon until it has a paste-like consistency. Next you finely chop your preferred herbs. You can use either fresh herbs or dried, but if you use fresh herbs you will use more of the herbs because the flavor isn’t as strong compared to dried herbs. Then you add the herbs to the butter paste and mix them until the herbs are spread throughout the mixture evenly. You want to keep your butter as fresh as possible in order to keep its flavor; therefore, it’s best to keep it stored in the refrigerator either wrapped in Saran Wrap or in an airtight container. You can add herb butter to almost anything. It is absolutely amazing on bread,...

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