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Recipes from Susie Welker



½ c. butter or margarine

2 c. sugar

5 oz. evaporated milk (2/3 c.)

1 c. peanut butter (I prefer chunky)

1 jar (7-10 oz.) marshmallow crème (about 1½ c.)

1 Tbs. vanilla

(Nuts if you use creamy peanut butter)

In a large glass bowl (use as big a one as you can fit in your microwave easily), place 1 stick of butter. Melt (about 1 minute depending on power of microwave). Add sugar and evaporated milk. Blend well. (I use a wooden spoon and stir, stir, stir. In fact every time I say stir, stir a lot. I think this is the key to mine.) Cook in microwave on level 8 for 2½ minutes. Stop microwave and stir (see note above). Start microwave again and cook for 2½ minutes. Stop, stir. Do this two more times for a total of four times making sure your power level is around 8 each time.

I check during the last 2½ minutes to see if the fudge looks like it is getting to soft ball stage. If it is, stop now. (...

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