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Recipes from Hong Kong native


 8 oz. beef 

12 oz. to 1 lb. Chinese broccoli

1 segment/clove of garlic 

2 slices of ginger

1 Tbs. oyster sauce (for final saucing before serving)

2 tsp. cornstarch (1 for seasoning the beef and 1 for the final saucing before serving)

 Water (as desired for the thickness of the final saucing)

2 Tbs. cooking oil of any kind as desired (1 for beef and 1 for Chinese broccoli)

Wash the Chinese broccoli, cut by stem and cut the trunks in about 2-3 inches segments. Wash the beef. Thinly slice into strips and season with low-sodium soy sauce, black pepper and a little oil. Cut the clove of garlic into flat rounds and cut ginger into small sticks like toothpicks. Mix the oyster sauce and 1 Tbs. cornstarch for sauce. Prepare the sauce with 3 quarter of the size of the saucepan, put in 1 tsp. of oil and seasoning (salt and pepper) and bring it to boil. Put the pre-cut vegetables into the sauce and watch it turn fresh green and the stems are ...

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