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Questions textbook adoption

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

At the recent Mathews County School Board meeting, the subject of textbooks came up as to whether the board would accept books for us in the classroom that contained undesirable content by many.

Dr. Marianne Gibbs urged the board to give the public more time and opportunity to read the books.

Allowing what many consider to be an undesirable influence in our public classrooms and adversely affecting our young people is highly regrettable.

Four of the five board members admitted that they had not done due diligence and had not read the books.

Public citizens urged the board to postpone a vote on whether to adopt the books in question. One board member urged them to postpone the vote. Nevertheless, the board did vote to accept books they had not even read.

If the board members choose not to do their job, they do not qualify to be on the board.

Sue LongNorth, Va.

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