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Pound net fishermen are cutting down too many trees


Thursday, Feb. 17, 1910

from the Mathews Journal

Susan: If something is not done to protect the pine woods, it is only a question of time when they will become a thing of the past. The fishermen in and adjacent to New Point will set out about 400 pound nets this season, perhaps each net will require an average of 125 stakes, which means 50,000 trees ranging five to ten inches at the stump. A little over that size are being used for pile logs, and mine props which are being carried away by the thousand, then the sawmills are using nearly everything else, to say nothing of firewood, and if the ground hog persists in going back to his hole every February and this prolonging winter an extra forty days, that will be an indispensable article, and the question is, where is it to be obtained when the pine forest has been destroyed? No use to sing “Woodman spare the tree” after it has been destroyed.



Thursday, Feb. 12, 1920

from the Gloucest...

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