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Have you ever wondered what sort of reaction you might have expressed after seeing for the first time a tiny kernel of corn turn into white disfigured ball?

Regardless of when this may have occurred, or how it happened, popcorn has become one of America’s favorite treats. We consume 17 billion quarts annually.

Whether you are at the movies, or watching TV movies, football or basketball games at home, playing games or just want a tasty snack, popcorn fills the bill. This writer belongs to a bridge group where popcorn is a standard at each session and has been for many years. The players know that one cup of plain popcorn contains only 31 calories.

Popcorn likely arrived in the American Southwest over 25,000 years ago. It has been said that popcorn was part of our first Thanksgiving, but that’s not true. The corn that pops was not grown in that area at that time. However, it is known that French explorers around 1612 wrote of the Iroquois popping tough corn kernels in pott...

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