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Poem: Venus Rising

by Joe Sties, Bavon, Va.

Fair star, beloved goddess of the skies, You rise to gild the evening and the dawn, And pierce the heavens with your treasured light, Bright hopeful blessing, charming day and night. Love’s symbol, woman’s beauty on display, You magnify the Sun’s life-giving rays, Inspiring passions thrills to mark our ways. From the beginning you have wandered far Across celestial realms, an endless path From sunrise glow to night then back again. Should we embrace your force to grace our lives, With treasures of the body and the soul, A hierarchy of fullness shall be ours. Then might we live, enriched by Love’s glad powers.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The author writes that “Venus, the brightest star (or planet, to be more accurate), has been especially beautiful on these cold, dark winter nights and I felt compelled to honor her.”

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