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Planting fall vegetable crops

Many years ago, Jim and I lived in military housing on an Air Force base north of London. The houses in our section backed on the fields of a farmer who grew Brussels sprouts. Now, it is a little known fact in the United States that the British consume more Brussels sprouts than any other nation on earth. Sprout season lasts from September or October to February or March. Brussels sprouts traditionally are served on Christmas Day. After the harvest, the aroma of decaying sprout vegetation emanating from the farmer’s fields was overpowering when the wind was blowing in our direction.

In those days, I was the only family member who would eat sprouts. Jim and the boys wouldn’t touch them. Today, we all like them, especially sautéed with balsamic vinegar and bacon. According to an article in The Telegraph, “19 things you might not know about Brussels sprouts,” there are 9,000 ways to cook sprouts. This year, Jim planted Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and other fall season crops f...

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