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Plant flowers that attract native bees

We are into the second week of February, which means that it is time to start thinking of early spring chores like pruning trees and shrubs. It also is time to plan for spring planting. Jim takes care of selecting the vegetable seeds and seedlings for the raised beds, and I concentrate on researching the best flowers to add to the beds, and this year, to the circular bed around the sundial.

New flowering plants and shrubs must fulfill certain criteria. First, if it is possible, I want to add native plants to the garden. Native plants attract pollinators and provide food and habitat for them. The second criterion is that new plants must attract pollinators and provide food and habitat for them. So, you see, I look for native plants that attract pollinators. It’s a simple formula, but one I strive every year to perfect.

In last week’s column, I wrote about several species of native bees, including my favorite, the eastern bumblebee, Bombus impatiens. I can sit for hours watching, ...

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