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Photography class at Bay School starts July 24

Photographer Dick Welton will present “Discovering Photography (the Photographer in You)” on four consecutive Mondays (July 24 and 31; Aug. 7 and 14) from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day at the Bay School Community Arts Center, Mathews.

The course will be taught in black and white and will follow the evolution of photography through the years when it was an analog platform through its transformation to a digital platform.

There will be an emphasis on the basic elements of making a good exposure covering “f” stop, shutter speed, ASA as well as a series of 10 exercises which each student will be required to do. There will also be exposure to the photographic works of more than 20 photographers whose photographic works have had a strong influence on the development of photography as a language of personal expression.

There will also be an explanation of the Zone System of Exposure as developed by Ansel Adams and how it applies to analog and digital photography. There will also be a d...

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