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Old maids invite the men to Cricket Hill


Thursday, April 29, 1909

from the Mathews Journal

“The Old Maids” are still hunting the bachelors and widowers. Not being able to captivate the Mathews bachelors, they have decided to go North hoping to meet with better success. So bachelors and widowers look out. They will hold their convention at Cricket Hill Wednesday, May 5, 1909, at 8 p.m. They would like to see all the good-looking men from the Island present. Admission 15 cents. The Baptist ladies will serve refreshments.


Thursday, May 1, 1919

from the Gloucester Gazette

Wireless telegraphy and the wireless telephone remain a deep mystery to the average citizen who, if he had not become accustomed to the seemingly impossible, would scarcely credit the remarkable achievements accomplished in the science of communication without wires. Recently the newspapers gave reports of the accomplishment whereby the naval operating station at New Brunswick, N.J., had talked directly to the steam...

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