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New herbs for the garden

We had a taste of sunshine for a few days, and now I am looking forward to warm days in the garden. Last week, Jim and I decided to do some minor cleanup without disturbing too many insects that might be overwintering in the leaves and garden debris. The main reason, though, was to take stock of what looks as though it has survived the cold winter and which plants must be replaced. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the roses, Clethra, cherry laurels, and yaupon hollies were thriving despite the excessive rain over the past two months.

The biggest chore this spring will be to make a decision about what to do with the English (Thymus vulgaris) and lemon (Thymus x. citriodorus) thyme that we planted as borders for the beds. Thyme is a great choice for a border because it is hardy throughout the seasons and requires little care except for pruning to keep the plants full and leafy. After six years, a number of the plants have become woody. I removed several last fall, but more a...

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