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Need a separate monument for Juneteenth

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

With the way the country is going right now, some simple-minded person places a “Happy Juneteenth” sign in front of a monument honoring Confederate war dead. I had family who fought and some were killed; this is to honor those men. Money was collected and the statue was built to honor our war dead. This person didn’t help the current environment by placing this sign at this location. This just helps to stir things up.

I have no problem with the celebration of Juneteenth. I have no problem with it becoming a legal holiday. But why celebrate that holiday by placing that sign in front of this monument? I hope that someone starts a fund and builds a monument to celebrate Juneteenth.

A civil war is when two groups are trying to rule the same land with their form of government. The South left the Union to become its own country and government. The main reason for this split was that Southerners got tired of paying most of the taxes. If a ship sailed from a ...

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