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Moving with pets: Happy trails with wagging tails

The Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society knows how important your pet is to you—they are family! We always want to stay together with our beloved family. Sometimes re-locations can threaten to break up the household.

Unfortunately, housing problems are among the main reasons pets are surrendered to animal shelters. Additionally, our Hampton Roads area is home to many military bases and brave service members who see regular transfers and moves for themselves and their pets. It is important to prepare your upcoming transport in the best way possible to keep your family, pets included, happily together.

When looking for rental housing for you and your pets, allow plenty of time for the search. Research pet-friendly listings and realtors using online classified ads or reach out to friends and family in your new area who may know of open opportunities. Websites like will provide pet-friendly listings.

You can even create a “resume” for your pet, showing off their photo...

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