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Missing for a week, faithful lab tracks down her owner at work

Ponya Wright of Diggs was bereft in late June when her 12-year-old black lab Alice went missing, and was overjoyed when the special pet showed up again in an unexpected place.

Alice is a good and faithful dog, said Wright. She protects the property around Wright’s house by chasing away unwanted creatures, but she’s not the kind of dog to hurt anything. While she likes to wander around in the dense woods close to Wright’s home in a sparsely-populated area down a long lane in Diggs, Alice never stays long, said Wright. On Saturday, June 27, though, Alice wandered off and didn’t return.

Wright went looking for the gentle-natured pup, combing the wooded trails around Buzzard Point Lane and Aaron’s Beach Road to no avail. She even borrowed her landlord’s four-wheel drive Gator for the search because Alice loves to ride the vehicle and always runs and jumps on when she hears the engine start. But the gambit didn’t work. Alice didn’t show.


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