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Michael Altman, 28, of Mathews, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015.

Michael was born in Newport News, Va. He is survived by his father, Anthony Allen Altman; his mother, Linda K. Altman, and also his stepmother, Sheila Ratley; his maternal grandparents are Marvin and Linda Hall; his paternal grandparents are Andrea Altman and the late John Altman; his sisters, Amanda Altman, Kourtney Winston, and Taylor Altman; his brothers, Joshua Winston and Hunter Altman.

He was loved by many. All of his cousins, nieces, and nephews called him Bubby, especially his nephew, Izayiah Altman, and his two cousins, Miranda and Kristen Hall. Izayiah and Michael had an inseparable bond, nobody could come between them; he loved him as if he were his own son. Michael was a great father to his two daughters, Savanna and Areonna Altman.

I pray everybody always remembers the good times and never forgets his smile.