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MHS seniors register to vote

The Mathews County Electoral Board visited Mathews High School on Tuesday to register eligible seniors to vote.

During three different class periods, Electoral Board Secretary Jeff Bohn explained the importance of voting, illustrating the point with stories of elections in which the vote was so close that a small number of voters, or even a single voter, would have made a difference. Among the illustrations was the story of last year’s Mathews County Board of Supervisors election, which resulted in a difference of just six votes in the initial count and four votes in the recount.

Bohn also discussed the upcoming Democratic primary election, in which the new voters will have the opportunity to help select the Democratic presidential candidate, and he mentioned the general election in November, when they can help select the president. He urged the students to do some research about the candidates and issues before voting.

Voter Registrar Carla Faulkner explained to students that Virgi...

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