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Maximillian Cornell Lupei was born in Aurora, Illinois, on Oct. 28, 1921.

You may have noticed Max around Gloucester Court House. He was the elderly man, dressed in worn Dickie blues, seen driving hunched behind the steering wheel of his ancient brown, wood-paneled station wagon. Most days he made a trip to the post office, his bank and then to McDonald’s where he was a regular. He always ordered a senior decaf with five creams and four sugars, along with a single pancake. He had his favorite sitting spot there and if someone had the misfortune to sit in it he would inform them and then sit nearby watching ‘his’ space until he could move to his rightful place. He was a regular at Kentucky Fried Chicken, too, always ordering the same thing. 

Max had a wonderful dry sense of humor, a gruff exterior and a kind, affectionate heart. On the surface he appeared to be a simple man, but he was more complicated than that. He was an honest, straightforward man who loved his wife, Anna, and missed her so deeply that he nearly mourned himself to the grave. His only child, Cathy, died a year ago and it was extremely difficult for him. But Max Lupei loved life…he really did. He enjoyed the outdoors, his yard and his home. He mowed his grass, fed the birds and watched the deer invade his yard to eat the azaleas that he and Anna had planted so long ago. He had hoped to live to 104 and he gave it a good try. 

Max was a deeply religious man and a ‘quiet giver.’ He touched many lives by his generosity to the Gloucester food bank, Bread For Life, and to his church. Max died Thursday evening, Dec. 15, 2016. He was 95 and he lived a good life. He was a good man and he will be missed.