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Mathews deputies to get new uniforms

The Mathews County Sheriff’s Office is changing its uniform, and officers are expected to be donning new black-and-tan outfits soon. The new clothing has been purchased with drug asset forfeiture funds.

Sheriff Mark Barrick said that, instead of the traditional tan trousers with a brown stripe down the leg, dark brown shirt and dark brown outerwear, officers will now be wearing black pants with black leg stripes, tan shirts with black shoulder straps, and black outerwear.

A change in uniform was one of Barrick’s early goals. It was difficult to find manufacturers that made uniforms in consistent colors, he said, resulting in different shades of brown or tan in the same uniform. In addition, he said, body armor is uncomfortable at best, and he wanted his officers to have a choice in the way the armor is worn. The new uniforms have vest armor carriers that can be worn outside the uniform shirt for easy removal when in the office performing routine duties.

Officers will als...

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