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Making a meal of pine: If pollen is your enemy, skip this article

Beverly Holmberg finds pine pollen to be a perfect food.

Perhaps many of us in our lifetime learned about or even known personally someone who has been stranded or lost who had to survive by making use of what was available at hand.

One woman in Mathews, Beverly Holmberg of North, a lover and respecter of Mother Nature, could provide some answers. She believes in making use of what nature provides around us before ever getting lost or stranded. It is a way of life for her. At this time Beverly is very much into making use of various pollens. But that’s not all. She dries and crushes juniper berries and uses them as an allspice flavoring.

She explains, “The old Egyptians describe pollen as a ‘life-giving dust.’ Pollen and its nutritional value are still surrounded by mysteries. It is called the only perfectly complete food. Right now I am watching the squirrels devouring the pollen hanging on the oak trees.”

This reminded Beverly of past years when she and husband Neil had ...

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