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Lightning Safety Awareness Week: Keep yourself and your property safe

With lightning five times hotter than the surface of the sun and reaching temperatures of 50,000°, the effects of a lightning strike can be devastating.

That’s why the National Lightning Safety Council is sharing information on how to stay safe during thunderstorms and lightning events during National Lightning Safety Awareness Week, June 23-29.

“Lightning is the weather threat that affects most people, most of the time, in most regions of the U.S.,” said Kimberly Loehr, a lightning protection specialist and NLSC member. “Although approximately 90% of lightning victims survive being struck, injuries can be severe and debilitating.”

The NLSC warns that no place outside is safe during a thunderstorm, and June, July and August are peak months for lightning activity across the U.S. This time of year also is peak time for outside summer fun, and almost two-thirds of lightning deaths from 2006-2023 occurred when people were enjoying outdoor activities.

To help keep yourself safe...

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