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Letters of thanks

We asked our readers what makes them thankful. They have answered in many interesting ways.

On this national day of Thanksgiving, please take some time to read their thoughts. We are delighted to present them to you.


Thankful that Chris McCann was my friend

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It’s hard to remember to be thankful when you’ve lost someone dear to you but I’m trying. This Thanksgiving I’m thankful that Chris McCann was my friend. He was a person who made my life better in every way. Here are just a few:


Thank you for high bright rope swings,

for bringing the kitchen sink and

for night swims with our children.


Thank you for 7’ tomato plants

And rows and rows of radishes.

Let’s not forget those zinnias you loved so much!

I still hold the potatoes were the best we ever grew.

Thank God there’s always butter in your fridge.


Thank you for laughing through the tire blow-out in Providence Forge

and then ...

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