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Letters: A grave injustice has been done

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am writing this letter because I am a concerned citizen. Through this letter, I speak for the community, I speak for our children and I speak for parents. A grave injustice has been done to Mr. Alexis Foster, Mathews High School assistant principal. Mr. Foster is well respected by the students, parents and faculty. Mr. Foster is well qualified and should have been chosen for the position of principal at Mathews High School. But, like me, his hair is not straight, his eyes are not blue, his nose is flat and his skin is black. So of course they (The Mathews County School Board—MCSB) did not think that Mr. Foster could fill this role. Strange that this is the thought process when many times Mr. Foster performed the duties of the now ex-principal and did this while performing his own duties and responsibilities.

I am appalled at the way Mr. Foster has been treated. Why, did they (MCSB) have to go out of the county and select a candidate? The MCSB did not ...

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