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Letter: Dress it up any way you like, it’s murder

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

An article in the Washington Post on Aug. 8, 2020, stated: “Trooper charged in traffic stop shooting.”

What rock was he under? What cave so deep that he hadn’t noticed almost three months of civil unrest, demonstrations and rioting and looting in our largest cities? Where was his commanding officer, what was he thinking not to warn the trooper about sentiments regarding white police killing black men?

Out to lunch? That’s what ran through my mind as I read the scenario offered by the Georgia State Trooper who fatally shot a black man on Aug. 7 following a rural traffic stop. He said he stopped the man’s car for a broken taillight! Even a hide-bound conservative like myself chokes on his coffee when he reads such utter nonsense.

Somehow the trooper gets the 60-year-old black man to flee, and then has a good-old-boy car chase ending with a victim’s car in the ditch. I could imagine the cop walking from his car to the victim’s. He pulls his weapon and...

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