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Letter: Young people, vote for your future

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Once again, my heart broke and tears flowed on Saturday 27 October when 11 people were executed and six wounded at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with an assault rifle by a white anti-Semite and perhaps a white supremacist.

He was spouting on his social media postings just before the attack, alluding to the neo-Nazis’ ideology.

A little later I heard the replaying of President Obama singing “Amazing Grace” at the Charleston, S.C. Emmanuel Church and sobbed again, all because of the past and also this sad and violent week.

Next I hear President Trump saying all the right things from a tele-prompter. Later at his rally he said, “See, I can be nice, but I’ll probably have to ramp it up again,” and he will. Please listen! Do you really believe what’s he’s saying?

This very senior voter will tell you what I’m doing. I’m writing letters, making calls and donating to political candidates in my ...

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