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Letter: You share the responsibility and blame

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As I stared at the news Wednesday, disgusted but not shocked, I thought about the swell of Trump stickers, flags, symbols and other paraphernalia I have seen throughout Gloucester and Mathews since the conclusion of the election.

There is no doubt there is still a strong swelling of support and admiration of this man in this area, and to them, I want to say with all sincerity, you share the responsibility for where we find ourselves. There have been warnings by many of us for years this would happen and we were ignored and mocked.

Trump is who we said he was, Trump is who he said he was. He has stoked the fires of right-wing extremism and every single one of you cheering and marching to its beat share the blame and now have your hands stained from it all.

These words are harsh, but these are harsh times. I cannot and will not neuter my opinions or language on this matter. If one continues to lay in bed with racists, homophobes, fascists and extremi...

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