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Letter: Writer takes aim at sustainable development

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


Just the other day, I read where the American Planning Association is reconsidering its promotion of sustainable development (Agenda 21). I thought, what a shame. Now that Mathews County has spent thousands promoting this specious concept in its comprehensive plan and public policy, now the American Planning Association is questioning the veracity of that which has been promoted by virtually every planning district commission in the country—the Middle Peninsula


Planning District Commission having been the primary local agency promoting this fraud.


I recall writing and meeting with members of our local board of supervisors in 2010 and early 2011 in an attempt to forestall the implementation of the unconstitutional attempt to usurp individual property rights. While other counties of Virginia have repealed or refused the implementation of Agenda 21, Mathews County appears both unhearing and unmindful of the threat that Agen...

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