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Letter: Wright’s visit prompts thoughts on free speech

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Perhaps the readers of the Gazette-Journal might recall my recent letter that spoke directly to the issue of freedom of speech and the First Amendment. I claimed some things could not be said in America today without running the risk of recrimination for having done so.

With the visit by the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright to a local black church in Mathews County, would one dare comment upon the Reverend Wright’s black liberation theology and his views regarding America?

To venture into this topic might prompt a suspicion that anyone who dares address this topic must have racist motives. With free speech being repressed and largely subservient to such influences as political correctness and hate speech legislation, many have simply succumbed to the tendency to self-censor.

In this instance, I am curious as to how this would be viewed had the church in question been that of a largely white congregation and that church having invited a speaker of simila...

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