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Letter: Worried for the nation’s future

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When President Trump went on the Asian trip, I felt relieved. Relieved that he was off the continent. Relieved that he was out of our country, away from the USA. Then the sadness and the embarrassment set in that he was representing America.

As a Vietnam vet, I was bothered by President Trump being in Vietnam on Veterans Day. He had multiple deferments and then bone spurs and no time for the war in Vietnam. A lot of American lives were lost in that war. Many more were affected for the rest of their lives.

Watching and listening and reading as much as I could on his trip, I realized he was not representing America’s principles and values. He was representing himself. What did he come back with? What was his big announcement? All I heard was no president in the history of our country was wined and dined and celebrated like he was. Total red carpet treatment. Biggest ever. The whole world knows now that flattery is the way to get to President Trump. Putin...

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