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Letter: Work together for the future

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Economic freedom, important term, but like other measurements in itself does not present a complete picture. Take Mr. Maggard’s response (America’s freedom, prosperity at risk 11/15/2012) to my assertion (Preach this 11/1/12), I assert that constructive dialog is needed. Mr. Maggard compares us to small countries, two Sunni Emirates, two European Union members, and all five having National health care. All five together probably would not make up California’s demographics and I am sure we both would prefer here with our problems. Theoretically a dictatorship can afford a high degree of economic freedom while oppressing the individual freedoms. We should focus on our economy and how it affects our diverse population.

I agree with his assertion that something must be done and understand the problem. I also understand all economies rise and fall but countries endure. I also understand that our government’s corrective response to bad e...

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