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Letter: Woodville School a sustaining monument

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There are several African American historically registered sites in Gloucester County; however, there is not one that can currently be opened to the general public on a continuing basis.

There is not one that currently has the capability of telling the Gloucester County African American story in concert with Gloucester’s White community story. The African American historic sites are mostly churches and their stories are generally unique to that particular church or site.

Education is a ubiquitous story. The unique thing about the Woodville School is that it is the only site that remains standing in Gloucester County that is a direct result of the Black and White communities bonding together with a common vision and goal of education. The Woodville School is the one and only potential county monument of its nature.

Not only would the Woodville School be a standing monument, it would be a living and sustaining monument for all ages and for all the ages;...

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