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Letter: Wittman not helping constituents

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Our Representative Rob Wittman has not been a good leader in representing us. He follows others and his votes many times do not benefit us, his constituents. 

His “Yes” vote on S.J. Res, 34 in April of 2017 helped kill the Federal Communication Commission’s rule “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services.”

Rob Wittman’s vote was not good for you because it helped nullify a rule which would have protected the privacy of your internet activities. So now telecommunications carriers can continue to use or share your confidential information. They do not have to obtain your consent to do so.

Without this rule that Rob Wittman voted to kill, our internet service providers (ISPs) may capture and sell information of the social and websites we visit, the apps we use, and even some of our private communications. Gutting these privacy rules fundamentally undermines our cybersecurity ...

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