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Letter: Wisconsin governor trampling workers’ rights

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This is in response to a letter comparing the tragedy in Japan, the rebellion in the Middle East and the protesting in Wisconsin and elsewhere (Dawn Dale, "Problems?," Readers Write, March 17).

These are very different events. Surely this is a terrible disaster to hit Japan. We all sympathize with and pray for the people of Japan. We all pray for peace and freedom and calm in the Middle East.

To refer to the protesters in Wisconsin as greedy, whiny and demanding absolute control over the state government is a huge stretch. To say it is gut-wrenching to watch and listen to such greed is unbelievable.

I was born and raised in Wisconsin and I find it unbelievable how the state government has behaved. It seems to be very easy for some people to criticize and form a distorted position without walking in the shoes of those they are criticizing.

If the state was having such a financial problem, why did the governor give millions in tax breaks to ...

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