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Letter: Wisconsin dispute solely about union power

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This is in reference to a letter describing the actions of the Wisconsin governor as fighting against the middle class. This battle is better described as a battle between government unions and working class citizens.

First a few facts:

—This is about union power and their political agenda and not teachers, firemen or police.

—Government workers make about twice the money of citizens in private industry for like and even more complex work. Your friends and neighbors foot the bill.

—This battle is taking place across the country because the states and the federal government are broke.

—When faced with this fact, the union answer is to raise taxes on the middle class or shut down the company as they did to GM or lay off government workers. They never utter a word about what is good for the country.

—All federal workers’ unions are forbidden to negotiate benefits. Did you know this? The same thing Gov. Walker wan...

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