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Letter: Why wasn’t Gen. Lee hanged as a traitor?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It is popular for our bull-horned street leaders to shout that Gen. Robert E. Lee was a traitor and all his generals and soldiers were too. Because they picked up weapons against the Union they deserved to be punished with death. Not get statues and other honors. So tear them all down!

Anyone who doesn’t agree with this is a racist and possibly a treasonous traitor too.

A second popular idea afloat in today’s society is that Abraham Lincoln was a 21st century anti-racist sagacious saint; if he had just lived to old age, Abe would have healed all the nation’s wounds with his presence.

Anyone who disagrees with this is a racist and possible anti-American too.

Initially, I was struck silent by these two points of 21st century wisdom which manifests itself by striking down statues and ripping up or burning the Confederate battle flag as a symbol as hateful as the swastika. To have the temerity to question these self-proclaimed tenets of wisdom is pu...

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