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Letter: Why they marched

Editor, Gazette Journal:

Although I did not attend the March On Washington, I believe I can help Ms. Dale (“Childish behavior,” Jan. 26 Readers Write) figure out why women and men marched.

They were afraid of what the president will do to facts surrounding climate change; they were afraid for the rights of LGBTQ friends and neighbors; they were afraid for reporters who give us the facts not “alternative facts”; they were afraid for their friends who won’t have the opportunity to use medical services of their choice; they were afraid for their Muslim, Hispanic or other immigrants who may be deported for little or no reason.

Binge watching the march made me feel there may be hope for our country. However, when they interrupted coverage for Trump’s visit to the CIA headquarters and his rant about how many people were at his inauguration among other things made me scared, very scared!

Nancy Dwoyer

Gloucester, Va. ...

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