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Letter: Why the delay in Maj. Hasan’s trial?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It’s been since Nov. 5, 2009 when Maj. Hasan opened fire on fellow soldiers chanting Allah Akbar at Fort Hood in Texas. The administration downplayed it as "workplace violence," instead of an act of terrorism that it clearly was. Maj. Hasan has since refused to shave, as required by military regulation. His trial still hasn’t started in earnest and he continues to draw O-4 Major’s pay. Our Commander–in-Thief, who is a Christian you know, hasn’t seen fit to demand a speedy trial for Maj. Hasan. The court of military review and the court of military appeals to ensure a fair trial, automatically review all cases in military court that convict or impose either life in prison or the death penalty. You cannot tell me that this trial has any logical reason for being dragged out for nearly four years. Perhaps Barack didn’t expect to be re-elected in view of his poor performance and wanted his successor to have the Maj. Hasan&rsqu...

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