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Letter: Why remove protection?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Congressman Wittman’s  constituents want to understand his co-sponsoring of the Financial CHOICE Act. What are benefits of CHOICE for the majority of those who could vote for him?

Is it true that that the bill will repeal the Dodd-Frank Orderly Liquidation Authority provisions? Ben Bernanke stated this year, “during periods of high financial stress, even augmented bankruptcy procedures might not be enough to maintain a stable financial system … Dodd-Frank created a backup authority, called the Orderly Liquidation Authority, to be used only when the Fed, FDIC, and Treasury (in consultation with the President) declare a financial emergency.” Why would he remove this protection?

Another provision adjusts the bank stress testing procedures, which could increase the risk of bank failure. Fed chair Janet Yellen called the CCAR testing the “cornerstone of our effort to improve supervision.” Why would he want to reduce the e...

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