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Letter: Why keep reminders of hate?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Gloucester has been extremely insensitive to the issues at hand regarding racism. We all know the truth. It begins with the Confederate monument in the middle of our beautiful town on Main Street. It belongs in a museum where many who would enjoy looking at all things Confederate can enjoy it. Why make others uncomfortable driving around it when everyone in this county pays their taxes at the treasurer’s office in the courthouse nearby?

Why continue to keep horrible reminders of hate and anguish to be forced down upon the individuals that suffered at the hands of those who tortured, lynched and enslaved them? Why have the representation of hate towards another’s brother, cousin, husband, child, etc.?

Let me remind you that this also represents the hate that spewed toward not just Black people, but also toward White people that disagreed with the malice that was being done and continues to be done towards Black people as a whole.

I am sure you belie...

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