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Letter: Why have a mail-in vote?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Vote by mail! Why didn’t our grandparents and theirs think of this?

Surely they were just as busy in their quaint, simple way. Why didn’t they make the connection—post office, mail, vote; just mail it in and go back to doing the important business of getting on with their lives and building our world? Clearly they just weren’t as smart as we are.

After all, we live in the 21st century. We shoot off space rockets, visit the moon, take photos of other planets. We have cell phones, and flat-screen everything, and the internet. Yeah, that must be it.

Those old codgers just weren’t as smart as we are!

Otherwise, why have these polling places where no one can campaign, or try to influence voters once they are on their precincts? Why have people, our neighbors, other voters, citizen volunteers in each precinct checking and double checking the individual voter’s qualifications to vote? Regardless of how they vote. As long as that vote is private, untain...

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