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Letter: Why consider giving away county property?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Why are we now discussing giving away county property to a special group of citizens? This seems like a terrible precedent and could open up a can of “litigation and disharmony” among the county citizens.

Keeping the Memorial Monument was voted on last November and 80 percent of us voted to let it stand. There is no reason the land under it needs to be given away to “save” something that was already saved by last November’s vote. Why not address this by simply leasing the land under the memorial monument to this organization, with a timeframe to be renewed and with certain use restrictions and caveats as most leases have. This has been done with the county property at Hole in The Wall, why not use this option?

The historic Court House belongs to all the citizens of Mathews. If you deed a corner of our court house green away, who is to say that years down the road this small group won’t decide to sell their interest for profit? What then? The Court Hou...

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