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Letter: Why choose to live with eyes shut?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It amazes me how people choose to compete socially. My god over your god, my clan over your clan, my race over your race, my sexual orientation over yours. All these things are personal judgements placing one’s self above others. If you follow biblical directives this is sinful. We are directed to love one another, embrace our differences, forgive each other. And learn from our history both successes and failures.

Our county leaders are charged with the responsibility of serving the general public to the best of their abilities and this mandates promoting community unity. The county has chosen to retain the monument in front of the old courthouse as a remembrance of a difficult time in our young country’s development. People fought and died for maintaining the status quo. Was it a perfect union? Certainly not. Should we strive for a more perfect union? Of course!

Mathews may have a unique makeup which allows the memorial without glorifying the Confede...

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