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Letter: Who will protect rights?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am writing to express my anger and frustration at a recent action by the Mathews County Republican Committee for circulating a “Resolution of Censure” dated Aug. 19, 2021 that names both myself and another member of the committee whose perceived offense has nothing to do with me, nor mine with him, yet it condemns us both jointly for “conduct that diminishes the dignity and credibility of the Party.”

It has never been properly initiated or acted upon and ignores the same rules that are being enforced against us. The reason for this censure is not policing committee matters, but is about power and control and has been left hanging so as to bully us into silence and submission. I am speaking out because this is wrong; we must resist tyranny whenever we encounter it. Bullying and intimidation are not just something our children face; it is prevalent everywhere, and it must be resisted. In my case, I have expressed my opinion that I doubt that these local ...

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